Blow molding dilemma – bleach everywhere!

Blow Molding Dilemma

The problem:

A leading consumer products company was experiencing blow molded bottle failures on its bleach filling line. Underweight bottles would collapse during the fill and overweight bottles would crack. Once the failed bottles came in contact with product they could no longer be used as regrind and became landfill. The blow molding machine operators had no way of checking the output of their machines as conditions varied during a shift. Therefore a problem in molding was not recognized until hours later in fill. Earlier attempts of using competitor’s scales failed because of their inability to filter out the vibrations and air flow in the surrounding environment.

The solution:

An AP Dataweigh, Inc. HR 1 series checkweigher was installed at the exit of the injection mold wheel. 100% of the bottles were weighed and the results fed back instantaneously to the operators and the plant engineers. Vibration was filtered out by the HR 1’s load cell and processer. Air flow disruption was eliminated with a product-specific draft shield.

The payback:

Machine operators received instantaneous results and could make machine adjustments quickly as conditions in the plant changed. Out of spec bottles were rejected before making contact with product and could therefore be used as regrind. Plant engineers were able to analyze long term trends resulting in a 6% savings in material.

  • Investment – ~$100,000
  • Savings – ~$400,000/year
  • Payback – three months

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