Pharmaceutical vial filling

Pharmaceutical Vial Filling

The problem:

A biogenetics company that supplies liquid chemical compounds for DNA and blood testing could not maintain specification fill levels on its vials. The company had seven different products that were being filled in five different size vials.The price of the chemicals ranged from $.50 to $30 per gram. Of particular concern was a 2ml vial that weighed only 1.97 grams but comprised the majority of the company’s sales.

The solution:

AP Dataweigh designed a system based on our HR 1 series checkweigher. An HR 1 scale was positioned before and after the filler, computing the exact weight of the product in the vials to 0.02 grams. Air flow disturbances were negated by a product-specific draft shield.Vibration effects of nearby equipment were filtered out by the load cell and processer. The system was installed in a Class 100 clean room to insure the purity of the product.

The payback:

After one week of operation the company determined they needed a new filling machine. Vials were reworked during the 30 days to install the new filler and the system is operating flawlessly.

  • Investment – ~$100,000
  • Savings -~$450,000/year
  • Payback – three months

After six months of operation, a second system was purchased for the company’s plant in China.

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Pharmaceutical application….. Checking product weight results in correcting faulty vial weight!… Weigh to 0.02grams accuracy…….Vibration and airflow affects eliminated to maximize accuracy……Clean room compatible!