Pizza dough – 2600 stores

The problem:

A major pizza chain with over 2600 stores and ovens requires absolute uniformity of its pizza crusts. Dough balls are made centrally and shipped fresh, not frozen to each store. If the dough balls are not consistent in weight the crust will either burn or turn out raw as all cooking is done on a timed basis. Balls are produced at a rate of 220/minute. An AP Dataweigh competitor’s scale is presently in place and has been shut down because it is not accurate.

The solution:

A dual lane system based on our HR 1 series checkweigher was custom designed. The system will weigh to 0 .1 grams accuracy and has internal reject capability. Of prime importance is that the system re zero’s itself after every measurement to compensate for any dough building up on the scale bed.

The payback:

  • Investment -~$100,000
  • Savings -~$
  • Payback –