AP Dataweigh Checkweighers Built on Solid Foundation

When it comes to checkweighers, stability is key.

Like a foundation for a house keeps everything built on it in place and stable, AP Dataweigh in-motion checkweighers are built with the foundation to support accurate and stable weighing.

Designed specifically for each application, AP Dataweigh checkweighers have strong 2.5 inch square stainless steel tubing creating the frame of the machine. These machines’ solid, sturdy construction ensures the accuracy you need and is the accuracy you get.

When you purchase an AP Dataweigh checkweigher, you can rest assured you are getting exactly what you need to minimize loss and reduce giveaways with stable, accurate data that is supported by the solid construction of our platforms.

Build your company with a solid foundation. Let AP Dataweigh assist by providing a robust, dependable checkweigher to your production line. Call today 678-679-8000 or visit www.apdatadeigh.com