5 Features to Look For in EOL Systems

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EOL systems are essential for efficient packaging.

When manufacturing goods, end-of-line (EOL) systems are used to automate and streamline the packaging process. These EOL systems package products into their final cases, trays, and boxes and move them along the conveyor belt system to apply labels and be inspected to ensure the product meets all standards before being sent to customers. Checkweighers, metal detectors, rejection systems, and labeling machines are all part of EOL systems that guarantee you deliver high-quality and accurately labeled products. At AP Dataweigh, Inc., our products can provide these five high-quality features you need in a successful EOL system. 

Fast Changeovers

EOL systems equipment must be capable of fast and easy changeovers to accommodate numerous packaging formats. Quick changeover capabilities are essential for keeping your packaging line throughput high. 


Manufacturers are running an increasingly high number of SKUs on their packaging line, so their EOL machines must be able to handle products and packaging with different sizes, materials, weights, strength tolerances, and more. With the variance of products passing through your production lines, your equipment must be versatile enough to handle the different products without compromising product integrity or productivity levels. 

Modular and Mobile Design

End-of-line equipment should be modular and mobile enough to seamlessly integrate into your existing production lines and accommodate any space constraints. At AP Dataweigh, Inc., we provide machines suited to your needs rather than selling pre-determined designs of our choosing. You find the machine that works best for you, and we facilitate its easy integration into your production line. 

Intuitive Interfaces 

When your production machinery has intuitive interfaces, a range of employees can operate the machines without deep knowledge of the equipment. This allows for more flexibility in who operates the machines and doesn’t keep you reliant on a few employees who understand the equipment. Intuitive interfaces make it easy for anyone to learn how to use the machines, so you can always have someone capable of maintaining operations and productivity. 

Integration and Connectivity

As several product lines are fed to the EOL systems, end-of-line systems need to run at optimal speeds. When output goals are high, the line must run at peak speeds, and integration between all packaging equipment is required for seamless performance. 

AP Dataweigh, Inc. machines are designed to fit into existing systems for maximum convenience. Every machine also is capable of data collection that helps you monitor your efficiency and spot consistent product errors or slow-downs that can be improved. 

Contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. For Customized Checkweighing Solutions

Established in 1994, AP Dataweigh, Inc. is a checkweigher manufacturer offering a complete line of custom-built and dynamic checkweighers and inspection system solutions. Our American-made machines address the needs of the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, and industrial product markets throughout North America. We manufacture our machines to exact customer specifications and design them to integrate into your production line. What distinguishes us from the competition? We make what customers need instead of trying to sell what we make. 

To learn more about the products we can provide for your facility, contact us online or by phone at 678-679-8000. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for updates on our products and industry.

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