Reject Systems

Rejection systems are a critical component to a checkweighing system ensuring all unacceptable packages will be removed from a production line. AP Dataweigh Inc. rejecting devices and product sorting offer a solution to a wide range of products and meets the specific needs of each customer’s application. Our checkweighing rejecting devices and sorting systems can handle all packed or unpacked goods, boxes, bottles or cans. Contact us for more information.

  • Pusher Reject

    Pusher Reject

  • PedestalPusher Reject

    Pedestal Pusher Reject

  • Overhead Gantry Reject

    Overhead Gantry Reject

  • Drop Bed Reject

    Drop Bed Reject

  • Flipper Sorting Conveyor

    Flipper Sorting Conveyor

  • Multi-Lane Sorting

    Multi-Lane Sorting