• CW Case Weigher

    The CW Case weigher provides a simple and economical way to conduct 100% product inspection. Built heavy duty and rugged, the CW Case weigher is ready for almost any environment. From 1 lb. packages to 200 lb. cases, the flexible CW unit can handle your exact weighing application.

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  • HS Case Weigher

    The HS High Speed Caseweigher incorporates the latest technology of high speed electronics and software-based control systems. In today’s automation age, conveyors are running faster than ever, and the HS caseweigher doubles or triples output. The unit smoothly transfers products onto and off the weigh cell to ensure accurate weight measurement at speeds unattainable for traditional case weighers. The HS Case weighers are receiving high marks for reliability, accuracy* and ease of operation from Fortune 100 companies.

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