Case Studies

No matter what you call it, AP Dataweigh, Inc. provides the solution. We take weighing to a whole new level. Whether it’s incorporating plant environmental factors into the design, or utilizing data analysis to help your plant run leaner, we maximize your production line profits!

  • Pizza dough – 2600 stores

    The problem: A major pizza chain with over 2600 stores and ovens requires absolute uniformity of its pizza crusts. Dough balls are made centrally and shipped fresh, not frozen to each store. If the dough balls are not consistent in… Read More

  • Silver and Precious Profits

    Silver & Precious Profits

    The Problem: A leading provider of commemorative coins was having difficulty accurately and efficiently weighing 1 oz. silver coin blanks. Regulation requires no coin can weigh below 1 oz. and any amount over 1 oz. cannot be charged to a… Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Vial Filling

    Pharmaceutical vial filling

    The problem: A biogenetics company that supplies liquid chemical compounds for DNA and blood testing could not maintain specification fill levels on its vials. The company had seven different products that were being filled in five different size vials.The price… Read More

  • Liquid Frosting Containers

    Liquid frosting containers – Bakery supplier

    The problem: A global bakery supplier of liquid glaze and frosting was inconsistently filling 3 and 5 gallon pales of product. Because of variability in the product flow as plant temperatures increased after start up, the time-fill machine was overfilling… Read More

  • Blow Molding Dilemma

    Blow molding dilemma – bleach everywhere!

    The problem: A leading consumer products company was experiencing blow molded bottle failures on its bleach filling line. Underweight bottles would collapse during the fill and overweight bottles would crack. Once the failed bottles came in contact with product they… Read More

  • Too Much in the Bag

    Too much in the bag – potatoes

    The problem: Because of retailer dock acceptance criteria, potato packers had to ensure that 100% of all 5 pound bags of potatoes had a minimum of 5 pounds in the bag. Any bag found less than 5 pounds could result… Read More

  • Too Many Rejects

    Too many rejects – powdered metal forgings

    The problem: Today’s automotive engines require tighter tolerances in component manufacturing. An industry leader in forging powdered metal connecting rods had an AP Dataweigh competitor’s scale transferring parts from a press to a processing robot. The scale was only accurate… Read More

  • Too Much in the Box

    Too much in the box – baggies

    The problem: A global consumer products company could not guarantee its boxes of re-sealable plastic bags had the proper number of bags in them. To ensure at least 20 bags per box the company was setting its bundler to pack… Read More