High Accuracy

  • High Resolution Check Weigher

    The HR-1 Check weigher lives up to its high resolution, high speed distinction. The HR-1 unit is capable of speeds up to 250 pieces per minute and can accurately* measure up to +/- .05 grams in most applications. Its integrated control system provides a logical interface for product setup and parameter configuration and can deliver real-time statistical data through various networking options. Features such as a 10-second calibration ensure the HR-1 is simple to use

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  • Small Roller Check Weigher

    Designed with open architecture, the SR-1 checkweigher makes servicing and spare-part acquisition simple. Its bed design enables the SR-1 to weigh up to 200 pieces per minute and repeat to an accuracy of +/- 1 gram and +/- 0.5 grams in slower applications. The softwarebased control system delivers real-time statistical data through networking options. Features such as 60-second calibration and touch screen operation ensure the SR-1 is simple to use.

    Download Product Datasheet