Understanding Inspection Systems: Types and Applications

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As manufacturing and production processes turn to automation to increase their output, inspection systems have become an essential component of quality control. In particular, checkweighers have become a popular solution for ensuring product quality and compliance with industry standards. Checkweighers are specialized machines that verify a product’s weight as it moves through a production line. At AP Dataweigh, Inc., we work with our clients to provide them with the precise inspection systems they require, complete with checkweighers and additions like metal detectors and rejection systems. If you are unfamiliar with the variety of inspection systems available, read on to learn more about the types of machines and their applications.

Dynamic Checkweighers

Dynamic checkweighers use a conveyor belt to move products along the weighing platform. The product is weighed precisely as it passes over the platform, and any items that do not fall within the specified weight window are flagged and removed from the production line. Dynamic checkweighers are ideal for high-speed production lines, as they can accurately weigh a large number of items in a short period of time. 

Multi-Lane Checkweighers

If you have an especially high product output, you can configure your in-motion weighing machine to feature multiple conveyors. This can double the amount of product that passes through your inspection systems without sacrificing accuracy or repeatability. When you utilize one of AP Dataweigh, Inc.’s multi-conveyor scale systems, your products will still spend enough time on the weight platform to establish a plateau. This ensures that your items are weighed several times so that you can guarantee complete and accurate measurements. 

Combination Checkweighers 

These inspection systems combine various inspection technologies, including metal detectors and x-ray machines, which provide a comprehensive inspection solution. This means your items can swiftly pass across a weight platform and through a metal detector to ensure that the products meet the specified weight and do not contain foreign materials. 

Checkweigher Accessories 

To create comprehensive inspection systems, adding these additional tools is highly recommended. 

  • Metal Detector: These are essential for detecting foreign objects in your products. This helps you remain industry compliant and avoid customer complaints or even worse consequences from delivering low-quality products.
  • Print and Apply: Equip your inspection systems to include in-motion print and apply, weigh price labeling, bar code scanning, and direct print applications. These systems use the data from your checkweighers to ensure that every package is labeled correctly with the necessary information. 
  • Reject Systems: You can select the best rejection method, including a pusher, pedestal pusher, overhead gantry, drop bed, flipper sorting conveyor, and multi-lane sorting. These devices will remove low-quality products from the line so they are not packaged for customers. 

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