Add Checkweighers to Complete Your Food Conveyor Lines

AP Dataweigh Inc food conveyor lines

Build complete food conveyor lines with in-motion inspection systems from AP Dataweigh. Checkweighers and metal detectors are essential!

Conveyor systems have revolutionized the food industry by significantly speeding up the movement of materials. Conveyor lines have also led to many automated machines that work together to provide the quality-assurance services you need. One of those machines is a checkweigher. This machine automatically weighs each item on your conveyor line to guarantee efficient production and consistency in your output. At AP Dataweigh, Inc., we provide our clients with checkweighers built to fit their food conveyor lines. They are often equipped with additional devices like metal detectors and reject systems for more efficiency and safety. How can a complete food conveyor line increase your productivity and profitability? Read on to find out. 

Meet Consistent Quality Standards

Food products must be safe and meet federal regulations. If you release an unsafe product to the marketplace even once, it can damage your company’s reputation and significantly hurt your profits. Food products also have to be consistent in their packaging and how much product is used. This is where the AP Dataweigh checkweighing system comes in. Our in-motion checkweighers are designed to accurately weigh each product to each decimal point while keeping your products in motion on your conveyor line. 

If you want maximum efficiency and speed, you can choose to install in-motion weighing machines with multiple conveyors. This system provides more speed without decreasing accuracy. Many other dynamic checkweighers claim accuracy at high speeds but lack the repeatability needed for proper accuracy. Our multi-conveyor scale systems thoroughly weigh your item several times to give complete and precise measurements. 

Ensure Product Safety and Instantly Remove Defective Items

Additional features like metal detectors scan your products for any foreign materials that may have entered the product during production. The metal detector can be added to your checkweigher to save space and keep the inspection process in a central location. 

Reject systems are also an excellent addition to food conveyor lines, as these devices can instantly remove any defective products. The reject systems respond to the data received from checkweighers or metal detectors. So, if an item is over- or under-weight or contains foreign materials, the reject systems installed by AP Dataweigh can immediately push or pull that item off the conveyor line, so it never gets sent to customers.

Accurately Label All Products Before Delivering to Consumers

We also provide label print and apply machines which can place the label on the product containing information from the checkweigher. This will ensure that the correct weight, lot number, and more are on the product and that you are fulfilling food industry regulations. 

The data from our high-accuracy machines is also available to you to increase your production system in the future. Use this data to avoid product errors and understand where efficiency can be improved. Contact our team today if you’re ready to create your complete food conveyor lines with AP Dataweigh systems. 

Contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. For Customized Inspection System Solutions

Established in 1994, AP Dataweigh, Inc. is a checkweigher manufacturer offering a complete line of custom-built and dynamic checkweighers and inspection system solutions. Our American-made machines address the needs of the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, and industrial product markets throughout North America. We manufacture our machines to exact customer specifications and design them to integrate into your production line. What distinguishes us from the competition? We make what customers need instead of trying to sell what we make. 

To learn more about the products we can provide for your facility, contact us online or by phone at 678-679-8000. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for updates on our products and industry.

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