The Importance of an Automated End-of-Line System

AP Dataweigh Inc automated end-of-line system

An automated end-of-line system from AP Dataweigh, Inc. can boost your productivity and efficiency.

In today’s demanding marketplace, automation is essential to ensure consistently high-quality products are delivered to your customers. A crucial part of your production line is the end-of-line system, which often includes packaging, weighing, and labeling your products to prepare them for delivery. End-of-line automation can also make your overall production more efficient and save you time and expenses that come with errors or product waste. If you haven’t yet created your comprehensive, automated end-of-line system, consider how doing so will help you enjoy the following advantages. The AP Dataweigh, Inc. team can then help you find the best machines and configurations for your production facility. 

Meet Higher Demand

There is a higher demand for all products, especially when you open up your business to e-commerce and reach a much broader set of customers than previously possible. An automated end-of-line system is necessary to deliver your products efficiently while meeting all standard requirements for your industry. The efficiency and consistency of an EOL system reduce errors and prevent lost time and lost products that can hold back your production rate. 

A Better Allocation of Labor

Creating an automated end-of-line system helps you streamline your labor force by allocating staff to more focused and productive tasks. While previously you may have had workers hand-packing products at the end of your production line, you can now let your employees handle more specific duties that benefit from the human touch. 

Improved Production Rates

You may see a significant increase in production speed and efficiency by implementing an innovative, automated end-of-line system with AP Dataweigh, Inc. Our machinery can help you pack your items safely, accurately, and quickly. 

Avoid Work Injuries

The most common injuries seen in the manufacturing industry are ergonomic injuries, which result when employees do repetitive actions over many shifts. The most repetitive part of the production line is the end when packaging and labeling must be repeated exactly. By trusting machines with these tasks, you avoid the risk of your employees developing those injuries and ensure that they stay productive and helpful to your team. 

What Can You Include In Your End-of-Line System? 

There are different ways you can configure your end-of-line system. However, most facilities benefit from incorporating the following machines: 

  • Scanning Systems: X-Ray equipment and metal detectors can be used to inspect your objects for foreign materials and contaminants. These systems are much more efficient at spotting abnormalities than the human eye and, when used with automatic reject systems, immediately remove contaminated items from the line. 
  • Weighing Systems: Checking your package weight is critical for efficiency, security, and compliance. When moving along the conveyor, items are weighed precisely but efficiently. 
  • Labeling Systems: The accuracy of package labeling is crucial for your EOL system. Automated machines will ensure that all proper labels have been affixed and that all information is readable. Label position, expiry dates, and batch numbers are checked for visibility and accuracy. 

Contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. today to build the best-automated end-of-line system for your facility’s needs. 

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