Why Metal Detectors Are Critical Food Inspection Equipment

AP Dataweigh food inspection equipment

Food inspection equipment must include a metal detector for complete accuracy and safety.

Food safety is the topmost concern for both consumers and producers in the food industry. Trace metals and particulates can contaminate our food, which is why metal detectors are a necessary piece of food inspection equipment. The heavy machinery that processes these food products can leave these particulates behind. By adding a metal detector to your end-of-line system, you can detect whether there is any metal contamination before the food reaches your consumers. At AP Dataweigh, Inc., you can combine your check weigh system with a metal detector for an efficient inspection process that ensures safety and quality. 

What Contaminants Can Your Food Metal Detector Identify? 

The advances in metal detection technology mean that these machines can sense even the slightest quantities of metal. There are three main types of metal that your food inspection equipment can detect: 

  • Ferrous Metals (Mild Steel/Cast Iron): Ferrous metals contain iron, which has strong magnetic properties. The magnetic properties make these metals easily detectable by metal detectors. 
  • Non-Ferrous Metals (Lead/Copper/Aluminum): These metals are not magnetic and lack iron. However, they are conductive, and the electromagnetic resonances make them easy to detect. 
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel does not contain iron but possesses strong magnetic properties. It can be challenging to detect because it is less conductive than other metals. 

Your best food metal detector will be able to pick up on all metals that may be present in your food. 

Where Should Metal Detectors Be Placed In Your Production Line? 

The placement of your food inspection equipment is crucial for using it effectively. Because contaminants can enter at almost any point in the production line, the consensus is that the best placement for a metal detector is at the end of your production line. 

However, some food safety experts recommend installing metal detectors at the start and end of your processing line. This way, you may better understand where, how, and when contaminants enter your food during production. 

Customize Your Metal Detector with AP Dataweigh, Inc. 

Before purchasing your food metal detector, it is essential to know where the detector will fit in with your existing system. At AP Dataweigh, we provide custom solutions for our clients to match what they need for their best processing system. We craft your food inspection equipment to suit your production environment, so it fits in naturally with your other machinery. 

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of metal detection in your food production system, contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. today to explore your high-quality options. 

Contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. For Customized Inspection System Solutions

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