What to Consider Before Purchasing a New Dynamic Checkweigher

AP Dataweigh, Inc. new dynamic checkweigher

Consider these factors before designing your new dynamic checkweigher with AP Dataweigh, Inc.

Checkweighers are essential for any production line as they ensure that every product is weighed accurately and conforms to industry packaging standards. Without checkweighers, your business may be left to use unreliable weighing processes that can expose your company to profit loss or even penalties. In particular, the food and pharmaceutical industries can benefit significantly from checkweighers to achieve fast production without sacrificing precision. When purchasing a new dynamic checkweigher for your production line, you must consider the specific details of your production environment and demands to find the machine that suits you best. At AP Dataweigh, Inc., we provide customized solutions for our clients. We will consider the following factors to help you find your ideal checkweigher. 

Your Product Characteristics

Some dynamic checkweighers are designed for certain packages, like cans, cases, bags, or cartons. Other items, such as tall bottles, may require unique checkweighing systems for these top-heavy items. 

When you know the general size and weight of your products, you can find the size of the checkweigher, particularly the belt dimensions and load cell weighing range. Characteristics like height and shape will also influence the overall precision of your checkweigher. 

The Environmental Conditions

The accuracy and efficiency of your new dynamic checkweigher may be affected if your environmental conditions aren’t thoroughly checked. Ask yourself:

  • Are my checkweighers near debris and dust?
  • How is the room’s air current?
  • Will my unit be exposed to ‘noise’ or unwanted signals?
  • Is there moisture or excessive condensation on or near the items to be weighed?
  • Are my units protected from dust and water penetration?

Depending on your environment, AP Dataweigh, Inc. can provide you with the best checkweighing solutions. For instance, you can select high-resolution scales suitable for wet environments to avoid any water absorption. 

Checkweighing Combination Systems

How can your new dynamic checkweigher combine with other systems to produce the precise inspection results you require? AP Dataweigh, Inc. checkweighers can be customized to fit into existing systems. We also provide other inspection solutions, such as metal detectors, that can be used for ultimate accuracy in your production line. 

For instance, those in the food industry can use a checkweigher combined with a metal detector to keep accurate weights and inspect their products for foreign objects and contaminants. 

When you combine your check weigh system with a metal detector or other inspection tool, you save space, decrease maintenance, and enjoy faster product transitions

Choose the Right Partner

Selecting the right manufacturer for your new dynamic checkweigher is also a crucial decision. When you work with AP Dataweigh, Inc., you can feel confident in our customized American-made products that are built to suit precisely what you need. Our company is focused on compatibility, serviceability, and quality assurance. Call us today to discuss how we can improve your production line with a custom checkweigher.

Contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. For Customized Inspection System Solutions

Established in 1994, AP Dataweigh, Inc. is a checkweigher manufacturer offering a complete line of custom-built and dynamic checkweighers and inspection system solutions. Our American-made machines address the needs of the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, and industrial product markets throughout North America. We manufacture our machines to exact customer specifications and design them to integrate into your production line. What distinguishes us from the competition? We make what customers need instead of trying to sell what we make. 

To learn more about the products we can provide for your facility, contact us online or by phone at 678-679-8000. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for updates on our products and industry.

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