Too many rejects – powdered metal forgings

Too Many Rejects

The problem:

Today’s automotive engines require tighter tolerances in component manufacturing. An industry leader in forging powdered metal connecting rods had an AP Dataweigh competitor’s scale transferring parts from a press to a processing robot. The scale was only accurate to +/- 1 gram and vibration and airflow around the scale resulted in the repeatability of the scale being +/- 3 grams on a 300 gram part. A substantial number of good parts were being rejected along with the bad parts resulting in 100% offlineweighing of all parts. Furthermore press operators could not properly set up the presses because of the variability in weight data, thereby perpetuating the problem.

The solution:

An AP Dataweigh, Inc. HR 1 series scale replaced a competitor’s scale. Because of the capabilities of its load cell and processor not only could the HR 1 scale weigh to +/-0 .1 grams, but surrounding vibrations could be filtered out. Variation due to airflow was also eliminated by fabricating a draft shield sized perfectly to the part and machine.

The payback:

Operators now had a tool to allow proper set up of their presses. Off line weighing was eliminated and one operator could now comfortably handle four presses, instead needing an operator on each press.

  • Investment: – ~$100,000
  • Savings – ~$200,000/year
  • Payback – six months

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