How In-Motion Checkweighers Help with Quality Assurance

AP Dataweigh Inc in-motion checkweighers

Add in-motion checkweighers into your production line to increase your efficiency and ensure quality.

In-motion checkweighers combine a conveyor belt’s efficiency with a scale’s precision to create an essential tool for any end-of-line production. Weighing every product you produce is an integral part of quality assurance, and not just for the food industry. The weight of products, whether food, personal care, pharmaceutical, or other items, must be consistent to meet regulations and maintain a positive reputation with your customers. If your facility can benefit from the convenience and precision of in-motion checkweighers, contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. today to explore our many customizable American-made products. 

Weight Is a Key Indicator of Uniformity 

Any mass-produced goods should weigh the same. One of the easiest ways to check for overall uniformity is to use high-definition scales to measure each item. This also applies to items that come packaged in groups. For example, if a facility produces 1000 bottles of juice daily, with 100 bottles in a box, each box should weigh the same. 

The challenge for production is finding a weighing solution that doesn’t significantly slow down production rates. This is how in-motion checkweighers help. Adding a checkweigher to a conveyor system can combine weighing with other tasks like metal detection and labeling to ensure uninterrupted production rates. 

In-Motion Checkweighers Fit In With Your Existing Operations

When you design your checkweighers with AP Dataweigh, Inc., our team customizes your new machinery to fit into your existing production line. This means that your checkweigher fits in seamlessly with your other applications and can be programmed to meet your needs and reject any items that do not meet the specified target weight. 

In fact, AP Dataweigh, Inc. offers several customizable rejection options for your systems. We provide many efficient solutions, such as pusher reject systems and flipper sorting conveyors, which will automatically remove an off-weight item from the conveyor belt.

Trust an Experienced In-Motion Checkweigher Manufacturer 

There are many ways that in-motion checkweighers can be incorporated into your existing operations. You may not even be sure what you are looking for or what is fully possible. Fortunately, AP Dataweigh, Inc. has extensive experience addressing the needs of numerous industries and creating custom solutions for quality assurance. We make what our customers need instead of trying to sell what we make. You can trust our team to provide you with the system you need to improve the efficiency and consistency of your products. 

Contact AP Dataweigh, Inc. For Customized Inspection System Solutions

Established in 1994, AP Dataweigh, Inc. is a checkweigher manufacturer offering a complete line of custom-built and dynamic checkweighers and inspection system solutions. Our American-made machines address the needs of the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, and industrial product markets throughout North America. We manufacture our machines to exact customer specifications and design them to integrate into your production line. What distinguishes us from the competition? We make what customers need instead of trying to sell what we make. 

To learn more about the products we can provide for your facility, contact us online or by phone at 678-679-8000. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for updates on our products and industry.

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