Improve Your Packaging Process with an In-Motion Labeling System

AP Dataweigh in-motion labeling systems

Use an in-motion labeling system for accurate and efficient labeling of all packages.

One of the final steps in the packaging process involves labeling your product or shipment of product before it heads out of your facility. If you aren’t yet using an in-motion labeling system, it’s time to consider the benefits of these machines and the convenience of their automatic movement. Like the rest of the in-motion checkweighing and inspection systems available at AP Dataweigh Inc., our labeling systems ensure consistent and high-quality products for your business. Read on to learn more about the many reasons to make the switch to automated in-motion labeling systems. 

Increased Speed

Your in-motion labeling system will always be faster than a manual labeling station. The consistent speed provided by automated print & apply systems means that your production won’t lag when it comes time to apply labels. Additionally, if you have to scale up production, you can do so without creating a labeling bottleneck. 


Human error is the most significant risk when using manual labor. When applying labels, it can be easy for a person to misplace a label or apply too little pressure, which allows the label to peel or fall off. The label may also be placed in the wrong orientation or spot on the package. The more labels required for a product, the more risk there is for error. 

When you use an in-motion labeling system, you can avoid the potential for human error and major production slowdowns. Besides avoiding basic mistakes, the uniformity of the labels will create a more professional and impressive appearance for your items. 


Manual systems are typically fixed or only designed to accommodate a limited range of label sizes. However, automated systems can be set up to apply a wide range of label sizes. Your labeling machine has the flexibility to work with different types and sizes of products. The interface on the machine allows you to make necessary adjustments for each production batch.

Seamless Integration with Inspection Systems

When you install labeling machines from AP Dataweigh, Inc., along with other inspection systems like checkweighers, you can use these machines together for ultimate accuracy. For instance, the weigh price labeling and label print and apply applications use input and data from in-motion checkweighers to create the labels with the correct information. This includes necessary information like weight and lot number. The efficiency of this process ensures that you are labeling all items as correctly and precisely as possible without adding more time to your production line.

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